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Meet the tutors

Learning with Lana

My name is Lana Sherman Carroll (BSc Hons PGCE). I have 20 years teaching experience including leadership roles and have been an examiner for 10 years. I now also write A level Physics exam papers. After also spending 20 years as a tutor myself I decided I want to make a bigger difference in children's lives by starting my own business. Services include tutoring, marking, writing exam papers, coursework checking (level 3 BTEC Applied Science).

If you are looking for experienced primary/secondary Science/Maths tutors - GCSE, A level, BTEC, IB, or you are a teacher wanting to tutor, please use the contact form. 

Home educated students and post 16 students are welcome to get in touch for daytime tutoring slots. 

COVID19 - all tutoring services are currently online via Google Meet

Personalised Learning/Exam training

We treat students as individuals - you will have an education plan tailored specifically to your needs.

No limits

There is no limit to where education can take you. Your future starts with education.

What our customers are saying

Lana S has been brilliant for my son. Got a grade improvement from an E to a B in his year 12 physics trial exams with 4 weeks of intensive tutoring. She provided regular feedback on his progress, guidance on exam practice questions and answering techniques, and personal encouragement. Her effort is very much appreciated and highly recommended. Thank you Lana S!

Exam Training

You can request tutors who have experience as an examiner and therefore have more know-how when it comes to teaching students how to pass exams