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Learning with Lana

Lana Sherman Carroll (BSc Hons PGCE)

My name is Lana Sherman Carroll, owner of LLtutors, and I specialise in all Sciences to GCSE, Biology and Physics up to A level, and level 3 BTEC Applied Science.

Science consultancy services – tutoring, BTEC coursework checking, teacher and student resources, exam training, marking, writing exam papers – no specific service prices – prices range from £15 to £45.

Services and Prices

Service Price
GCSE - Sciences tuition £35 an hour (includes exam training)
A Level - Biology & Physics tuition £45 an hour (includes exam training)
BTEC - Science coursework checking £15 per piece of work
Marking individual quotes given
Writing exam papers individual quotes given
Academic Mentoring £45 an hour