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Meet the tutors

Service Prices

Which service do you require? Remember we cover Maths Biology Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level, Biology Physics and Psychology at A level

Coursework Check


per piece of work

Feedback and advice

per piece of coursework

We can check your BTEC Applied Science or Psychology IB/A level coursework, give you feedback and advice

Coursework check

KS1/KS2/KS3/11+ Lesson (primary/early secondary)


per hour


1 hr session

You can choose a less experienced but extremely capable teacher and only pay £20 an hour. 

KS3 lesson

KS3/KS4 lesson (GCSE)


per hour


1 hr session

You can choose a more experienced teacher for KS3 or a KS4 teacher for £35 an hour

KS3/KS4 experienced teacher

KS5 A level/IB/level 3 BTEC Applied Science


per hour


1 hr session

You can choose a highly experienced post 16 teacher for £45 an hour

KS5 A level/IB/BTEC

Coursework Checking Service

 BTEC Applied Science (post 16 level 3)

I work for a large exam board and 2 of my roles are BTEC level 3 related. I am able to provide a coursework checking service - £15 per piece of coursework